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Crush reviews all applications posted. Please post an app and we will get back to you, either on the forums or in-game. Thank you!
Please see most recent news post.
Other Guild News

My Sincerest Apologies

Kathynja, Aug 1, 10 12:33 AM.
Crush will be disbanded one week from today. I am so very, very sorry.  I was unable to bring this guild back to where it should be.

All members will have mail from Kathinja on their main toon in the guild. That is the best I can do for you. I'm so sorry.

If anyone needs help finding a new home... I'm fairly well connected... I may be able to help...

I hope that you all can forgive me for failing you. I'm not quitting the game, I'll still be around. Please keep in touch. 

Crush Wants YOU! 4/26 Recruiting Post

Kasimira33, Apr 26, 10 11:34 PM.
Crush is recruiting for casual raiding in Icecrown Citadel and beyond! We are a small, fun, tight-knit guild of "adults" on limited play schedules. (Current plan is for two nights per week, 9:30pm server or later) We prefer the 10-man format and will likely continue with the style through to Cataclysm with one or two raid groups. Our members are always welcome to join pickup groups for any raid we aren't running in a particular week.

So who are we looking for?
All are welcome to introduce themselves on our forums, but we specifically need the following classes and roles filled:

Priest (Holy/Shadow)
Druid (Resto/Balance)

Thank you for your interest in Crush! Feel free to browse our homepage or ask any questions on our forums. Officers check the forums several times per day from several time zones!

Saurfang Falls!

Kasimira33, Apr 4, 10 1:25 AM.
Make that 4/12 ICC. How do you like this, daddy Saurfang? Maybe your boy shouldn't go becoming Arthas' champion next time... No traditional screenshots here, my friends:


First 3 bosses in ICC: CRUSHED!

Kathynja, Mar 6, 10 12:54 PM.
With the help of some friends, old and new, Crush ventured into ICC10 last night.
First boss down, 1 shotted.
Second boss down, 3 or 4 attempts.
Airship battle down, one attempt that started way too early and 1 real attempt.

I didn't get any screenies after the airship battle. Maybe someone else did? *Hint hint*

ToC Victory!

Kathynja, Mar 4, 10 8:08 PM.
Finally, screenshots to go with our ToC Victories!
Consistently downing it. Just wish we could get a few more Crushers in there.

Crush Raids

Kathynja, Feb 2, 10 6:18 PM.
Crushers have been consistently downing ToC10 and Ony10, with the help of a few pugs.

Good job, everybody! Eventually, I will get screen shots.

But someone needs to take them first!

Crush WILL Survive!

Kathynja, Oct 19, 09 2:13 PM.
After some fuss regarding the matter, Crush is now under new leadership.

My hope is to restore Crush to what it once was, and make it even better in the future.

We've been through some rough times, but Crush will stay around, and we will stay strong. We will come out on top of this, so please don't give up because of what has happened.

I look forward to seeing the Crush banner flying high yet again.

Crush Crusaders

Xanub, Aug 17, 09 12:28 AM.
Way to go folks! Both Northrend beasts and Lord Jaraxxus down in our first night in ToC 10! Also welcome to a couple new members, Judgements, Loliapalooza, Sainte and Purelement!

Northrend Beasts</ Northrend Beasts</

Vezax is History!

Xanub, Jul 31, 09 1:34 AM.
After 2 attempts (first raid explosion didn't count) General Vezax was facerolled by Crush :D

Next up, Yogg-Saron!

Vezax Down</

Crush is recruiting!

Xanub, Jul 29, 09 1:38 AM.
Hey All! Crush is progressing along in Ulduar10 and starting to get a second 10man group running.

We are looking for:

1 Healer - Priest preferred
1 Tank - Pally/DK/Druid
1 Caster Dps - Mage/Lock/Boom/Ele sham/Spriest

If you fit the role and think you'd fit in here, feel free to head to our app forums and apply :)

Crush will always consider well written apps from any class/role.


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